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Posted on: November 27, 2023
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InBlockAI is proud to announce that a consultancy partnership has been signed with This represents an enhancement to InBlockAI that seeks to merge the core competencies of IBAI with the knowledge-share offered by Gotbit. This step allows InBlockAI and Gotbit to work together in preparing a token Launch.

This partnership is focused on leveraging the expertise provided by Gotbit’s talented team to further emphasise InBlockAI’s strengths in the build-up to IBAI’s Pre-Token Generation Event. The InBlockAI project believes in establishing a level of quality that does not merely establish IBAI’s offerings as high quality but redefines the standards by which other projects are held to.

To ensure that the Pre-TGE meets the expectations that IBAI holds of itself, it naturally follows that InBlockAI partners with known specialists such as Gotbit, maximising the project’s strengths through the knowledge-share of a partner that has helped list over 80 projects in Tier-1 CEXs.

Gotbit’s larger Web3 network and partnerships also offer the InBlockAI project the opportunity to reach out to a wider investor base, ensuring greater access to IBAI. is a hedge fund with considerable expertise in the crypto- and NFT markets whose efforts have seen over 150 successful incubated projects and helped establish over 80 Tier-1 CEX projects. Gotbit’s teams consult and partner with projects, helping them realise their utmost capabilities by making use of Gotbit’s accumulated wealth of knowledge to enhance partnered projects from inception to listing. core strengths include consultation on tokenomics design, fundraising readiness, marketing strategies, and Web3 networking.

InBlockAI is creating a world-class artificial intelligence platform that seeks to redefine investment in the crypto space. IBAI’s revolutionary project takes advantage of the latest developments in AI technology to create an investment tool like no other. From real-time data and smart project assessment to deep-dive reports and sentiment analysis, IBAI is creating a platform that will allow investors, institutional and retail, to shine a light into the murky depths of the crypto investment space. 

IBAI sees its project as establishing a more efficient and more open market to investors inside and outside the crypto space, shaping its future development. InBlockAI’s platform will help provide a greater level of confidence in the market, helping to streamline decision-making and maximise opportunities.

With the future of investment in the crypto space defined by rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, increasing numbers of investment, and the ability to capitalise on information at ever-increasing speeds, it falls to investors to seek out tools that allow them to stay ahead of the curve.

Seize the future with IBAI and define the curve.

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