How InBlock AI Can Shape The Market

Posted on: June 25, 2023
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The cryptocurrency market is a relatively new market that lends itself to uncertainties and volatility. Most retail investors are savvy enough to understand that such issues can also become strengths if one is able to capitalize on such a market space.

However, despite the opportunities that exist in the space, whether this is a result of its volatility or the result of genuine top-grade projects that are drowned out by the noise, the average retail investor is presented with formidable barriers to entry.

The cryptocurrency market is also a high-tech product that lends itself to fast changes due to developments in the technology or news-worthy events. It is no secret that the market has also been beset by individuals acting in bad faith.

This all results in two evident needs for retail investors.

  • Speed
  • Accuracy.


Speed is more than simply an assessment of an investor’s ability to conclude a trade within the space. Speed requires intimate knowledge of the market to ensure that a minimum of time is lost when an investor makes a decision prior to taking action. Deeper knowledge of any market results in faster actions and leads to more pinpoint results. The same is even more applicable to high-tech products.


Accuracy is the twin to Speed in such a market. Acting ahead of competition is always beneficial, but it can be just as important to know as close as possible the best time to act. It also follows that it is necessary to know as best as possible when to react.

Information here is key. The market is still so young and vibrant that veterancy is a hard claim to hold onto and therein lies the potential for investors to gain an advantage in the space. Knowledge and experience begets accuracy, but neither is easy to obtain in a space that features such rapid changes.

It is here that InBlockAI proposes a paradigm shift.

A new way to see through the mercurial waters of the cryptocurrency market.
InBlockAI is achieving this through the development of a smart, complex AI that is able to gather information, collate sources, and provide actionable information.

This intelligent solution will provide investors the ability to act more decisively within the market.
This is the answer that will shape the future of the cryptocurrency market.

InBlockAI is leading that future by delivering an AI that defines the curve.
An AI that can assess projects, track market sentiment, and keep its users informed ahead of their competition.

Greater accuracy.
Greater speed.

Written By: inblockadmin

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