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What is InBlock AI?

InBlock AI is a new crypto market research platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower retail investors. It combines sentiment analysis, AI-powered blockchain analysis, due diligence on teams and investors, smart contract analysis, portfolio analysis and trade analysis to provide comprehensive insights and recommendations for informed decision-making in the crypto market.


What benefits does the Protocol System provide?

When a user participates in the InBlock AI protocol, they benefit from the rewards offered in each epoch. Although the rewards decrease over time, they still provide the user with an opportunity to earn incentives for their contributions and participation in the epoch.

By actively engaging as an inquirer in the protocol, they can receive rewards for requesting queries and completing these transactions. These rewards come in the form of $IBAI tokens. The exact nature of the rewards and how they are distributed can be found in the Pitch deck.


How does portfolio analysis work in InBlock AI?

InBlock AI provides a robust portfolio analysis feature that allows users to view and assess their cryptocurrency holdings. The platform provides key metrics, performance indicators and risk assessment tools to optimize trading for users. Users can make data-driven decisions and align their investments with their financial goals.


Is my data secure on InBlock AI?

InBlock AI takes data security and user privacy seriously. The Platform implements stringent security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, breach or misuse.


How do I start with InBlock AI?

To get started join the whitelist below. When the Project is launched, you will get access to a variety of resources and analytical tools that can help you make informed investment decisions in the crypto market. Please note that features will be under token-based access and subscription policy.

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