InBlockAI’s Epoch System and Protocol

Posted on: June 25, 2023
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Epochs are the main part of InBlockAI’s innovations to ensure shared responsibility when handling additional training of the AI through market data. Smart AI systems, despite their incredible capabilities, are still vulnerable to bad faith actions or hallucinations. It would be irresponsible not to build in systems that protect both users and InBlockAI’s platform from these issues.

InBlockAI created the Protocol mechanic to preemptively defend against such actions and it is here that the Epoch system also comes into play. InBlockAI is aware that punitive actions are not very rewarding or fair for users of the platform, so instead the Protocol mechanic is designed to reward users of the platform based on their utilisation of the platform’s AI and linking the advanced training of the AI with users who have actively participated in the platform’s continued improvement.

Users of InBlockAI’s platform that link their crypto-wallets and stake $IBAI are able to make use of an additional feature of the platform, earning the title of ‘Inquirer’. Inquirers can submit queries to the platform’s AI to inform their decision

By ensuring that only staking users are eligible within a limited range to participate in the platform’s advanced training, InBlockAI also ensures that users do not have the motive to act in bad faith. It bears mentioning that the application of a limited range is also to prevent outlier outcomes, the result of particularly large movements that would result in detrimental training results for the AI.

The Epoch system ensures rewards in the form of ‘feedback response’ to users on the platform who stake their $IBAI and submit queries to the platform’s AI that learns from the outcomes of staking users.

InBlockAI’s Protocol helps improve the platform’s AI and benefits Epoch Inquirers by providing tiered rewards that see the greatest of these offered to the earliest contributors.

Together, Protocol and its Epoch system ensure that InBlockAI’s development is maximised towards user utility.

Together, InBlockAI and Inquirers are creating a more democratised and vibrant market for retail investors.

Written By: inblockadmin

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