InBlockAI Bridges Opportunities with AI

Posted on: June 25, 2023
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Artificial intelligence is a cornerstone of the most powerful emerging technologies of this decade. The development of faster, well-trained AI that can interface easily with users has only served to accelerate this trend.

In the case of markets and investments, AI threatens the dominance of institutional investors. This is even more evident in markets that are susceptible to rapid change fostered by innovation and technological development.

Such markets favour investors with access to greater resources than their competition. In the case of institutional investors, this is typically expressed in greater market capitalisation and the benefit of personnel, research and traders. In effect, they have a natural economy of scale over retail investors.

The current and ongoing evolution of artificial intelligence threatens the dominance of institutional investors through the acquisition of information. By bridging artificial intelligence with actual intelligence-gathering, AIs are able to open up markets on a scale never seen before.

InBlockAI is a new project that aims to deliver these changes to the cryptocurrency market. By utilising their proprietary in-house AI, InBlockAI sees retail investors being able to maximise their opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

This is achieved through obtaining an informational advantage over competition both retail and institutional. InBlockAI’s innovative AI is able to provide due diligence reports on projects, collate information from a wide variety of sources, track market trends, and even access sentiment in the space.

Together, these provide investors an edge over their competition.

With AI development improving year on year, it falls to savvy investors to take advantage of the emergent technology to seize opportunities for themselves, the sooner the better. InBlockAI has introduced an additional benefit to using the project’s own AI which is handled via the Epoch system. This system will be further explained in the next blog, but is designed to provide additional value to users who decide to make use of InBlockAI’s proprietary AI.

InBlockAI is bridging opportunities with artificial intelligence.
Seize the future.

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