2023 Q2: Conceptualization & Foundation

Idea Generation:
Brainstorming and solidifying the core concept of InBlock AI

Team Formation: Assembling a diverse team of experts in blockchain, AI, and development

Website Launch: Establishing an online presence to share our vision and updates

Q3: Development & Outreach

Pitch Deck Release:
Introducing InBlock AI to potential investors and partners

Team Expansion: Onboarding developers and operations staff to accelerate progress

GPT Demo Launch: Showcasing the initial capabilities of our AI technology

Social Media Marketing: Building an online community and engaging with potential users

Q4: Progression & Engagement

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Demo Release:
Demonstrating functional aspects of InBlock AI

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with key players in the industry

Marketing & Social Campaigns: Amplifying our reach and brand awareness

MVP Enhancements: Refining the MVP based on feedback and technological advancements

Public Round Preparation: Laying the groundwork for community involvement and investment


2024 Q1: Public Engagement & Expansion

Public Technical Documentation Release:
Providing detailed insights into InBlock AI’s workings

MVP Public Beta Browser Release: Inviting public users to test and provide feedback

User Adoption Campaigns: Strategies to attract and retain a robust user base

Launchpad Partnership & Public Sale: Expanding financial and community support

Token Generation Event (TGE): Officially launching $IBAI token on CEX & DEXes

Staking Feature Launch: Deploying a staking mechanism for users to earn rewards by staking $IBAI tokens

Q2: Official Product Launch & Functional Expansion

Public Zeta Release:
The official launch of the InBlock AI Co-Pilot

Integration of Layer 2 Blockchains: Expanding compatibility to include Layer 2 blockchain ecosystems

V1 Telegram Bot Release: Unveiling a Telegram bot for instant market insights, functioning like a live news feed for cryptocurrency trends

Enhanced AI Features Rollout: Introducing advanced AI functionalities tailored for blockchain applications

User Experience (UX) Improvements: Implementing feedback from the public beta to enhance usability and accessibility

Educational Content Series: Launching a series of webinars, tutorials, and articles to educate users about blockchain and AI integration

Community-Driven Feature Development: Initiating a platform for community members to suggest and vote on new features

Q3: Broadening Horizons

Protocol Launch:
Establishing the foundational rules and standards for Decentralised AI

API Enabling for External Developers: Utilization of InBlock AI’s capabilities on external contributors

API Enabling for Projects and Institutions: Facilitating other projects to build upon InBlock AI

V2 Telegram Bot Release: Releasing an updated, more sophisticated version of our Telegram bot

Q4: Diversification and Security Enhancements

Protocol Updates:
Enhancing security measures to protect against emerging threats and vulnerabilities

Integration with Additional Blockchains: Expanding compatibility to include Layer3 blockchain ecosystems

Global Community Meetups: Organizing worldwide events for networking, feedback, and community building


2025: Long-Term Growth and Sustainability

Data Analytics Platform Launch:
Offering advanced data analysis tools for market trends and user behavior

AI-Powered Prediction Models: Developing predictive models including the LSTM Model for market trends and user preferences

Sustainability Initiatives: Implementing eco-friendly practices in AI operations and blockchain integrations

Decentralized Governance Model: Transitioning to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for community-led governance

Interoperability Solutions: Fostering seamless interactions between different blockchain networks and AI tools

Strategic Industry Partnerships: Collaborating with key industry players for mutual growth and innovation

Global Expansion: Focusing on extending services to new regions and markets

Annual InBlock AI Summit: Hosting a flagship event to discuss industry trends, showcase innovations, and plan for the future

Disclaimer: Please note that the roadmap outlined on this page is subject to changes. While we make every effort to stick to the planned schedule and features, it’s important to understand that various factors such as shifting market trends, technical challenges, and evolving customer needs can influence and alter our plans. As such, the roadmap should be viewed as a guide rather than a firm commitment, and we reserve the right to modify it as necessary to best serve our objectives and stakeholders.


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